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Skin Healing Through Post Peel Balm

Circadia Post Peel Balm
When it comes to products, Post Peel Balm by Circadia, though simple, is a mighty bottle packed with healing ingredients that can help with many things. It was designed to be used after peels and other more harsh treatments.  It contains a unique skin-identical lipid complex that increases water holding capacity and provides a semi-occlusive and protective barrier.

When your skin’s barrier is compromised it can cause a variety of issues. Your skin can become more sensitive/sensitized and is susceptible to more bacterial issues. Post Peel balm can also help repair your barrier after being windburned, waxing, dermaplaning, microderm-abrasion and even during the healing stages of a new tattoo!

I used it when I got my most recent tattoo after it started healing and it sped up my recovery time by almost 5 days! I gave a client a sample of this about a month ago after having a very harsh treatment done for skin cancer removal (almost a year ago) and her skin was still in really rough shape. It was so red and irritated, and not to mention it was extremely raw! I told her to use it for a week and see what it would do for her and she came back a little less than a week later and said she could notice a dramatic change in the sensitivity, redness and extreme dryness she had been dealing with and almost completely restored her barrier function.

Fall Skin Care

Circadia Post Peel Balm Highlights:

  • Restores and Repairs Skin Barrier Function

  • Skin Identical Lipid Formula

  • Soothes Skin After Restorative Treatments and Skin Peels

  • Reduces Redness and Dryness


Perfect for your Fall Skincare Routine

With the change in seasons fast approaching a lot of my clients will start to notice a dramatic change in their skin and how it functions and this will be one of the first products they will be going home with when they go to change to their new colder weather skin care routine. If you tend to notice a dramatic change in moisture loss or skin irritation, Post Peel Balm is
probably what I’ll be incorporating into your treatment and recommending for home care.

Circadai Post Peel Soothing Balm


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